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My day begins at...

6:30 am by the loud shrill of my alarm, which has already been 'snoozed' a couple of times (yes, I am one of those people). This is quickly followed by “daddy, can we have some breakfast please?” by my 3 children (although the please is sometimes missing). After giving the little people their breakfast, it is off out for a 45-minute walk with my dog Marley.

First thing I do when I reach my desk is …

Look at my “to-do list” for the day that I have prepared before leaving the office the day before. In recruitment, it is very common to be pulled in many different directions during the day, so I find having a to-do list is really important.

I’m responsible for …

All Legal Support roles at the firm, although I do have some fantastic colleagues who will also take on some of the roles when there is too much going on. I have been known to also dabble in some technical support at the agency, but only dabbling at the moment! I also look after a roster of clients, as each client with the agency has a dedicated account manager. 

My favourite part of my job is…

As cheesy as it sounds, I genuinely enjoy helping people secure new roles. Changing jobs is such an important/stressful part of our lives and I take great delight in being able to take some of that strain from candidates. From our initial contact about what they are looking and current vacancies, to after they start at their new firms, I just really enjoy offering support throughout the whole process (my TrustPilot reviews speak for themselves!). 

My least favourite part of my job is…

Not being able to reach candidates and having to communicate only through email. I completely understand how difficult it is to take calls when at work but I really enjoy the human element of actually talking to candidates on the phone. But I'm flexible so I'm happy to chat in the evenings and at the weekends when it's a bit more relaxed for our candidates, and they're not rushing to take personal calls on their lunch. 

I finish work at …

I usually finish at around 5 pm, as our Director is really keen for us to have a good work/life balance. It's because of this approach I'm more than happy to work around the candidates. And sometimes it is easier to do that after the children have gone to bed, as nothing is more guaranteed than for one of them to come in and say “DADDY!” as soon as I pick up the phone! 

And I will usually spend my evenings …

This really does vary, but a fair amount of my weekday evenings are spent providing a taxi service to the many clubs the children go to. When I get the chance, I absolutely love spending some time down my allotment. There is nothing better for me to clear the mind of the stresses and strains of daily life than spending a couple of hours amongst the vegetables (and weeds!).

My hopes for the future are…

To continue to grow the legal support desk at LR Legal. When I first started here legal support was an area that we covered but did not have a dedicated desk/consultant. The ultimate aim is to grow the support desk to a level where we have a number of consultants solely supporting our clients on their paralegal, secretarial and assistant needs. 


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