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Our clients will often express the need for a role to filled quickly, and whilst we appreciate that being a person down is far from ideal, many will say urgency is of the utmost importance – willing to see not-quite-qualified candidates or those further afield with a troublesome commute. We are honest and upfront with our clients and regularly reiterate the importance of finding the right fit for the firm, rather than going with the first square peg that can be somewhat moulded to fit the round hole. Below we’ve collated the key detrimental effects hiring the wrong person can have on a business.

Impact on morale

A rotating door of different employees is not a good look for your external reputation, but perhaps, more importantly, it will have an impact on your remaining staff, and what you certainly don’t want is another leaver!  A teammate leaving, whatever their level, is disruptive. It increases the workload for other employees in their absence, and even as their replacement gets up to speed, it could be a while before balance is restored. Now imagine having to repeat this process with several wrong starters. It’s going to lower moral, decrease productivity, escalate stress and spread dissatisfaction.By committing to finding the right replacement, you show a commitment not just to your firm and your clients, but also to your current staff. 

Impact on finances

Recruiting is an expensive business. Even if you’ve decided not to work with an agency, and so aren’t paying set fees, there are still plenty of costs attached to the recruitment process. You may have to increase the salary to market rate to attract candidates, and pay for the role to be displayed on various job boards, and of course the cost of your HR team’s time. Organising job descriptions and updating websites, trawling through CVs and vetting potential interviewees, headhunting qualified professionals – for a generalist HR manager who doesn’t specialise in recruitment this is time-consuming and overwhelming. Your senior management team will also have to take time out of their day to interview potential employees. This all adds up and particularly so if you are wanting to hire quickly because you’re much more likely to be looking at a broader candidate pool and interviewing more people. It's better to be strict in your requirements, and eliminate these unneccessary costs. 

Impact on clients

If your team are a person down, production of work slows, SLAs increase and ultimately, client care falls. If you are a firm who pride themselves on an efficient and personal service, this is a very real problem of having leavers. It makes sense that you want to get someone in ASAP but try to bear in mind how this will impact your clients if you get the wrong person. Better to wait and get someone who can do the job well, rather than risk work not being completed to an expected standard or client care not being completed. Clear and truthful communication with your clients is best, letting them know ahead of time the person is leaving, who their new point of contact is and give realistic timeframes to set their expectations. They are human and they would rather work with the right person, than the first one available.

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