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Recruitment has changed a lot over the past few years, and reaching candidates is a whole new ball game. As an agency, we have certainly noticed a change in tides from candidates coming to us, to us having to search out the candidates. We spend much of our time headhunting for specific candidates, so whilst a job description might not be the first thing a candidate sees, it certainly still plays a key part in securing a candidate’s agreement to go forward for a position.

Once we have identified a potential match, we speak to them about what they’re searching for – what they want from the environment, the work and the employer. This allows us to initially determine whether this candidate is a good match for your firm and the role you want to fill.

We speak to the candidate at length about your firm, telling them about the expectations of the job and a bit more about the company. We talk about your culture, benefits, location and values, and we highlight any key selling points like career development opportunities, multiple office locations, flexible working possibilities and bonuses.

Once we have a candidate interested, that is where the job description becomes of paramount importance. We regularly hear frustrations from candidates which include: the job description is vague or generic, the salary doesn’t match the expectations and it is far too long.

A job description should be clear, concise and accurate. Anything other than this turns candidates off and discourages them from agreeing to move forward with their application. If we feel they are a great match, this is so disheartening when we know it could be a perfect fit.

Here at LR Legal, we understand that job descriptions are a vital tool in converting interest into application, so we have a set format that we work with clients to ensure all information needed and wanted by the candidate is provided. We work with clients to get to the heart of what they want from the role, how it looks, what it offers and the employer brand of the firm. Only when we have this information, and we have transformed this into a credible, accurate and interesting job description do we begin our search for candidates, because we know we have the conversion tool we need.

There is also massive benefit of an accurate job description for the client. A precise and truthful job description can help decide on a fair market-rate salary offer, shape interview questions, and even be used as evidence should an employee discrimination or unfair dismissal case be brought.

Because job descriptions set expectations, requirements and benefits and will be presented as a first-time impression of the business as whole, it sets the tone for the rest of recruitment process. If you’re working with a recruitment agency who doesn’t understand their importance, unfortunately it’s likely to be a sign that they’re more interested in the fee than the firm or their candidates.

If you’d like to learn more about how we tackle job descriptions, and why we put client and candidate care first, get in touch with the team.

LR Legal is a bespoke recruitment agency, offering a comprehensive service for law firms and businesses, across all sectors. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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