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Happy Valentine's Day! With love in the air, we asked our team, from their experience, what makes the perfect professional match? Here’s what they had to say on the matter.

Alice, our senior legal recruiter specialising in Property, explained, "Being a real partnership, whatever your position or role, is so important to create a dynamic, seamless working relationship. It ensure you are respectful, you have the same goals, and you are supportive of your teammates."

Matt, our legal support consultant, said, "Communication is key! Being able to talk, and be listened to, is vital. It seems like such a small thing, but actually it makes a real difference. You notice it every day.

Leilani, our director, mused, "I think having the same ethical standpoint and ideas on a work culture make for a wonderful and long-lasting working relationship. If you agree on how your office should be and how your work is conducted, it makes for a happy and relaxed team and ultimately, people enjoy and want to continue to come to work."

Alison, our senior legal recruiter, advised, "Transparency and honesty has built the best professional matches I've seen. I really do believe that being open and upfront is key to building foundations that last."

In the spirit of the day, we also spoke to a couple of candidates and clients who agreed with our consultants.

Emma, a current candidate, explained “For me to commit to a new role, I need to know we’re both in it for the long-haul. As I progress in my career, I’m looking for Partnership, so a fleeting 1-2 year stay just isn’t for me.”

Our client, Amy concurs. “There’s nothing worse than a commitmentphobe! I want long-term candidates who are willing to go the distance with our firm.”

If you’re starting to think a professional divorce might be imminent, let our friendly team of legal recruiters help you find your perfect match. Get in touch with the team here, or find our current vacancies here.

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