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Currently, there are almost 4,000 registered firms in the UK. These range from sole practitioners on high streets to massive firms with thousands of employees in the heart of the city. Needless to say, there is endless competition for clients but perhaps more importantly, also for staff. 

Your solicitors are your biggest advocates. They showcase the firm’s knowledge, capabilities, success and client care. Decent teams make for returning clients. So how do you attract the best legal professionals to your firm? By offering them what no one else can. 

Most job offers include similar incentives these days - a competitive salary, a decent bonus contribution, standard holidays. And whilst these are critical to enticing decent staff (you won’t get gold on a bronze offering), but if you’re not offering incredible work opportunities to your newest recruit, it’s important you are showcasing your firm’s culture and values to attract top talent. 

Let’s start with millennial expectation. As jargon fuelled as it sounds, the next generation of workers are expecting so much more than a salary from their workplace. If you’re not offering a dynamic, innovative workplace that treats workers as adults and respects their qualified opinions, you will be losing out on a whole host of brilliant employees to competitors who are willing to give them that creative workspace and professional freedom.

It sets you apart from the crowd. Legal firms are seen as a very traditional sector, so if you’re leading the way with remote and flexible working to allow for work/life balance, cutting edge technology to ease stress and complication, a dog-friendly office to make for a happier environment, a strong social scene to support team building or onsite gym, cafeteria and a modern open working space to make healthy living accessible, these are the things you should be showcasing to candidates.

A good working culture reduces staff turnover. Staff who feel valued, challenged and respected are much more likely to stay with their firms for longer, passionate employees are much more productive and a happy workforce become good firm advocates and are more likely to refer both future employees and potential clients to your firm, even if they have left.

It sets the tone for those coming into the firm and working with it. A culture dictates actions, values, approach and policies. It should shape every action, from Partners down to support staff. If you create a positive, compassionate and encouraging culture, it is felt and adhered to by new members of the team and is reflected in the work delivered to clients.

By building an authentic, content culture where employees thrive, where employee’s welfare, happiness and development are openly encouraged and celebrated, you show you are a firm worth joining and the money you invest in building a company culture, whether that be through training, hires, perks and developments, you’ll see a return on through staff attraction, engagement, retention, productivity and deliverables.

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